Drawing on its own experience, DIVERCHIM proposes to its customers to create and develop their own information system based on chemical structures. We particulary care about: Your data recovery The preservation of your own process The possibility to question the

Data Analysis

When applied to chemistry, data analysis is a great way to value information related to molecular structures. DIVERCHIM integrates all your projects according to a rigorous and complete method. The use of free tools ensures the treatment reproductibility and reduces

Medicinal Chemistry Support

DIVERCHIM proposes to its customers to handle their Computer-Aided Drug Discovery projects and to find the appropriate molecular modeling tool depending on the available data. Our offer connects different scientific areas such as chemistry (active compounds), biology (activity results) and

Specific Techniques

Beyond regular analytical techniques, DIVERCHIM‘s Analytical Department acquired specific techniques to: answer to cGMP needs cGMP NMR, Elementary Analysis & Coulometry solve analytical issues Detection of non-chromophoric molecules by LC-MS-Corona Use of Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) purify complex mixtures Use

Quality Control

Since its creation, the Analytical Department has supported every project integrated by DIVERCHIM by developping new methods to characterize every innovative molecule. Our expertise in chiral and achiral separation Thanks to successfull analytical challenges for various products (from steroids to

An adaptable cGMP offer

DIVERCHIM offers specific and dedicated services in regards to the status of your project. This allows a full tracability if needed, depending on your quality and regulatory requirements.  

Innovative Technologies

Always on the cutting-edge of innovation, DIVERCHIM is an active player in the development of today’s new technologies and has integrated many skills in the following areas: Biopolymers Innovative, non-toxic and fully biodegradable biopolymers, made of hydrophilic (PEG or modified

At a glance

Founded in 2000, DIVERCHIM is the leading French company for organic synthesis of original molecules offering its expertise and capabilities to customers. DIVERCHIM is a combined Contract Research Organisation (CRO) and Custom Manufacturing Organization (CMO) in Organic Chemistry dedicated to


Currently no vacancies As a growing and evolving company, DIVERCHIM is always looking to add to our youth and mastered know-how intertwined team. So if you share our values and would like to be part of the team, please send