Always on the cutting-edge of innovation, DIVERCHIM is an active player in the development of today’s new technologies and has integrated many skills in the following areas:

Drug Delivery Systems

  • Biopolymers
  • Innovative, non-toxic and fully biodegradable biopolymers, made of hydrophilic (PEG or modified PEG) and lipophilic (PLA, PLGA, CPL) blocks.

  • Polymers for vectorization
  • Alternative to the use of inactivated viruses. Synthetic cationic polymers for nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) and hydrophobic APIs transfer.

  • Polyamino Acids
  • 2D or 3D biopolymers that generate biodegradable dendrimers used in cosmetics and to vectorize an API or a fluorescent probe.

    Medical Devices

  • Solid surfaces grafting
  • Glass slides silanization, titanium oxide derivatization

  • Medical imaging
  • Fluorescent probes, contrast agents, isotopic vectors